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Oral Production

Oral production of tablets, capsules, syrups are manufactured in equipment and facilities, which facilitate the unidirectional flow of materials. Different process steps are carried out under very strict quality assurance procedures. Individual products are isolated and processed in a controlled environment complying with stringent cGMP. Manufacturing equipment are qualified, periodically calibrated and under taken preventive maintenance programmes. The manufacturing processes are well controlled with our sophisticated equipments to maintain consistency of quality and productivity.

Production and analytical procedures are carried out in conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices with compliance to the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau inspection.

Penicillin and Cephalosporin antibiotics are produced using dedicated facilities and isolated areas in order to ensure the absence of cross-contamination. Packing of  finished  products is carried out at the factory with strict quality assurance. The  packing facilities  and environmental conditions meet cGMP. Packing lines are  strictly monitored and  controlled to ensure that the products packed are safe and  hygienic.

Sterile Production

The quality of Duopharma sterile products is the outcome of the efficiency of its production system. The sterile production such as injectables in the form of small volume and large volume are produced in closed clean room systems ranging from Class 100, Class 1 K and Class 10 K. Every single stage of the production process has been designed and perfected to the last detail and geared to the full development of the products produced. The sterile manufacturing, processing areas and the processed water are constantly monitored for microbial contamination, particulate contamination and bacterial endotoxins, and steps are taken to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Trend and deviation analysis are applied methodically to keep all critical parameters under control. Dental cartridges of 2.2 ml and 1.8 ml are manufactured in the Small Volume Injectables area. The product was successfully developed featuring filling and autoclave techniques for bubble free product in the dental cartridge.

Last updated : 06 Feb 2018

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