Salta al contigut
Has established
  • A sound reputation
  • Good track record
  • Production quality
  • Innovative production processes
  • Market diversification
  • Customers' support
  • Good management team who are fully convinced that the key to corporate success lies in the ability to be constantly one step ahead.

In pursuance to the road ahead, a state-of-the art sterile products manufacturing plant is being built with the most sophisticated of equipment imported from Germany and Italy. This includes a new Dental Cartridge machine and vial, powder, ampoule filling machines which are fully automatic. It has a manufacturing capacity to cater to regulatory markets around the globe. The latest double Reverse Osmosis Water System and WFI System designed by Swedish experts for the new plant will be one of the best in the region and will meet the requirements of most stringent regulatory requirements.

The construction technique used for the new sterile plant has also been devised in such a way as to obviate any cross-contamination between different products by using different dedicated facilities for products such as penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotic injectables.


Last updated : 23 Feb 2018

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